Akita Citizen Exchange Plaza 4F&5F,Akita Community-based Center 'ALVE',4-1,Naka-machi,

Higasi-douri,Akita-city,Akita 〒010-8506

TEL 018-887-5330 FAX 018-887-5331

Email ro-edns@city.akita.akita.jp

「Natural Science Learning Center」 is located in the AL☆VE building.

It is a community-based center which has been open since July 2004.

AL☆VE is a complex building which is maintained an by the Akita municipal

office and members of the private sector.

It contains rooms for citizen group activities and planning of city festivities

in order to accomplish the town developmemt between the west and east

side of Akita station.

ALVE is a term coined to denote Altair and Vega, which means ALVE is a new starlet

for Akita. It is wished that ALVE will bee crowded with people as a community-based

center. This mane also means 'something exists' in Tohoku dialect.This name was

selected from 281 entries.


「Natural Science Learning Center」in Akita City was established

to enhance not only Akita citizen interests and understanding in

natural science but also juvenile imaginations.We encourage the

activities of science and comprehensive learning in school education.

Furthermore, we disseminate a scientific mindset to Akita citizens

relating to daily life events under the theme of “Nature” and “Universe”.

skills for spreading scientific viewpoints towards phenomenon

happening around us, discovering 'wonder', 'amazement', and to

unravel them.

In order to achieve this, ALVE is dealing with 'biology', 'nature',

and 'cosmos', bringing scientific education, integrated study, and

the five-day week education system.

Work Contents

(1)Experimental Exhibitions

① Introductory exhibition -apply its environmental capabilities

to hold large exhibitions-

② Experimental exhibition -two-way exhibition by advantageous

effects and Hands-on-

③ Explanation of contents -digital displays explaining contents of

exhibitions in detail-


① school education project -use of education for elementary and

junior high school students-

② Social education project -projects for the youth and adults-

③ Special project -workshops or lecture by academic researchers-

(3)Free-for-all On-site Training

① Scientific fun goods -approximately 300pieces of experimental


② Digital content for learning supports -10desktop computers, and

management of groupware-

③ Book rental -approximately 1500 books on introduction to science,

Akita local collection, and so forth-

Response to Continual Use

「Natural Science Learning Center」is included in the community-based

center ALVE, which means it plays a role in generating constant festivities.

Visitors widely range form those who are going to study Science to those

who just want to frequent science with a light heart. Natural Science

Learning Center emphasizes following points in order to encourage

repeat visitors:

(1) Creating an atmosphere with Akita's originally andinformation update

(2) Designing projects of accessible science with diversity and flexibility

(3) Assessment and modification which reflect visitors' and managers'


(4) On the job training for development of Scientific education and

civil service

(5) Long-term cooperation with related institutes